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Justice Mary E. Fairhurst, J.D.

Justice, Washington State Supreme Court

By Seattle Photography Inc.Elected in 2002, Mary Fairhurst began serving as a justice on the Washington Supreme Court in 2003. She started her legal career in the Supreme Court as a judicial clerk, working first with Chief Justice William H. Williams in 1984 and then with Justice William C. Goodloe until 1986. For the next 16 years, Justice Fairhurst served in the Washington Attorney General's Office, working with Attorneys General Christine Gregoire and Ken Eikenberry. She specialized in the areas of criminal justice, transportation, revenue, and labor. When she left, she was serving as the Division Chief of the Revenue, Bankruptcy and Collections Division. In 1998, Attorney General Gregoire presented her Steward of Justice award to Justice Fairhurst.

Justice Fairhurst has been a leader in the legal profession throughout her career. She served as president of the Washington State Bar Association, becoming the second woman, first public sector attorney, and youngest attorney to hold the position. She also served on the WSBA Board of Governors, representing the Third Congressional District, and was president of the Washington Women Lawyers.

Justice Fairhurst is committed to public legal education and is active working for children and youth. She cares deeply about civility in the profession and inspiring others to live to their full potential. Justice Fairhurst speaks regularly to individuals and groups.

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